4x Twist-in Shelf Pin 3d printed
4x Twist-in Shelf Pin - Green

4x Twist-in Shelf Pin - Green

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Don't let an obscure, unavailable part spell the end of your cabinet's functionality. Now, you can order these Twist-In Cabinet Shelf Pins  and stop scouring hardware stores endlessly. The twist-in design stays in place better than press-in types, so you can rest assured that those shelves aren't going anywhere.

This cabinetry peg is inserted into a recessed rail in the cupboard and is then twisted by 90 degrees to lock in place.  See the photo below for the rail.

This is a 4-piece set, 3D printed in color by our parter at and shipped to you direct at shapeways.com.

NOTE: This is a reproduction part, please verify dimensions in the images below. These parts are not endorsed or recommended by the original equipment manufacturers in any way. We are not responsible for any damage that may occur through the use of these products. See your original product's warranty information before making modifications or repairs.  

This replacement part that is compatible with a cabinetry system that was available around 1980-1990, possibly by Enterprise Cabinet Systems.  You may find these pegs and clips in a kitchen, study or living room.

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